• Art Fast 2014

    Art Fast 2014

    I participated in Art Fast again this year, a nine-day fast in which artists constrain an aspect of their art process. Once again, it was a very gratifying experience that I would recommend to any artist or writer!

    This time around, I decided to go back to my surrealist roots, limiting myself to anatomical and mechanical imagery. I often make collages out of my own drawings, cutting them out and forming textural reliefs onto 2D and 3D surfaces. For Art Fast 2014, I used only found imagery, which allowed for a much faster process and some unexpected juxtapositions. Moreover, these new collages are digital, another means of speeding up the act of making. Compared to the meditatively slow, accumulative and handmade works that define my practice, the works I created for Art Fast were much more immediate, and as a result I now have some possible new ideas for future projects.

    Art Fast is created and organized by artist Jay Moorthy and coincides with the South-East Asian festival of Navaratri.